MTA Certifications

Aug, 2019

MTA Certifications

MTA certifications demonstrate entry-level skills in mission-critical IT job roles.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications were designed to fit within the curricula of high-school and college education programs to expose students with no prior IT background to core Microsoft technologies and info-tech job roles.

Each MTA certificate requires you to pass one exam that will validate fundamental skills in a mission-critical IT domain like data management, software development, computer networking or cyber security.

Popular MTA Certifications

MTA: Database

This certification is designed for individuals who want to pursue employment in data-centric IT fields, such as database administration and business intelligence. Candidates will learn essential database management skills featuring Microsoft SQL Server.

Must pass this exam:

  • Exam 98-364 | Database Fundamentals

MTA: Developer

This certification is designed for individuals seeking to enter marketable development roles such as software engineer, computer programmer, web and application developer. Candidates can choose the exam that corresponds with their specific career goals.

Must pass ONE of these exams:

  • Exam 98-361 | Software Development Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-375 | HTML5 App Development Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-380 | Intro to Programming with Block-Based Languages

MTA: IT Infrastructure

This certificate is intended for those exploring a career in networking, cyber security, IT infrastructure management or cloud computing. Microsoft technologies featured in this certification include Windows Server, Windows System Center and Office 365.

Must pass ONE of these exams:

  • Exam 98-365 | Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-366 | Networking Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-367 | Security Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-368 | Mobility and Device Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-369 | Cloud Fundamentals

This page will be continuously updated to reflect the latest changes to Microsoft’s MTA certification offerings.


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