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Aug, 2019

Oracle Certified Associate – DBA 11g

Oracle Certified Associate DBA 11g certification demonstrates foundation level knowledge in the Oracle 11g Database Management System.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certifications are designed for IT professionals beginning to work with Oracle technologies. The Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA DBA 11g) certificate is appropriate for junior-level database administrators that maintain an Oracle database, or work on a team that manages the Oracle DBMS in a business environment.

OCA DBA 11g certification validates the fundamental skills needed to install, configure and maintain an Oracle database. Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associates can also configure and manage the Oracle network environment.

Trained and certified Oracle Certified Associates in DBA 11g can gain employ as an entry-level database administrator, or build on the OCA to earn the next level in Oracle’s database certification track, the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). There are numerous training programs and accredited college degrees that feature coursework in Oracle database technologies

Skills Measured by OCA DBA 11g Certification

Here are some of the key skills covered in the Oracle Certified Associate DBA 11g curriculum. OCA DBA 11g certified professionals can:

  • Prepare the database environment and create a new Oracle database.
  • Manage Oracle instances and set database initialization parameters.
  • Configure and manage the Oracle network environment.
  • Manage storage structures in an Oracle 11g database.
  • Manage database user accounts and configure user security.
  • Implement Oracle database security and work with auditing.
  • Manage Oracle database 11g alerts and thresholds.
  • Utilize the enterprise manager support workbench.
  • Identify the types of failure that can occur in an Oracle database.
  • Manually backup Oracle databases and setup automatic backups.
  • Use the data recovery advisor to recover the Oracle database.
  • Export, import and transfer data between Oracle databases.

Download the OCA DBA 11g Certification Exam Objectives for a more complete curriculum.

Certification Exams

Database professionals have to pass one exam to become an Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate:

  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration I (exam code #1Z0-052)

Oracle Database 11g Administration I Exam Objectives | 1Z0-052


Format: Computer based, mult. choice questions (of which there may be more than one correct answer)
Duration: 90 minutes
Length: 70 questions
Price: $195
Passing Score: 66%

Course Content

Time: 26 weeks

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